PAL-V Liberty飞行汽车动力及飞行高度多少?

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2019-08-21 23:02

PAL-V Liberty采前以后二的配备,外观神似Monotracer,上边则是有一个独特的旋翼组织。模块驱动力为100hp,0-100加快9秒即能达到,最大车速赶到160km/h,满油油陆上可行车距离为1315千米。这一旋翼选用了 Autogyro航空系统软件,它拥有相近直升飞机的飞机螺旋桨的结构~这一独特的旋翼组织模块驱动力为200匹大马力,能让“飞驰”的最大飞行高度超过3500米。

PAL-V Liberty飞行车


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The PAL-V Liberty is equipped with the front and rear of the second, with a look like Monotracer, and a unique rotor organization on the top. The module driving force is 100hp, and the 0-100 speed can be reached in 9 seconds. The maximum speed is up to 160km/h, and the distance between the full oil and oil is 1315 kilometers. This rotor uses the Autogyro aeronautical system software, which has the structure of an aircraft propeller similar to a helicopter. This unique rotor organization module has a driving force of 200 horsepower, allowing the "flying" maximum flying height to exceed 3,500 meters.

However, this set of aircraft propellers does not show the driving force of the forward movement, only showing the lift. After switching to the mobile phone flight mode, the folding level rotor, tail and booster on the rear side of the car will drive the car to fly.